This special day is an opportunity to introduce a neighbor, co-worker or even a relative who does not have a home church, or more importantly, a personal relationship with Jesus, to come and experience the warmth and fellowship that makes our church special.

A Friend Contract is included in the newsletter for your convenience. The top half (friend’s copy) goes to the friend you are inviting with all the necessary information (date, time, church), while the bottom half (church’s copy) is returned to the church by you, the individual inviting. The church copy is then posted on a bulletin board at the front of the sanctuary.


The Church will be supporting the Denim Quilt Project this year from September 15 through October 6, 2013.  The project is sponsored by the Hub in Altoona and donations of non stretch denim would be greatly appreciated.  You may place any denim items (jeans, denim jackets and skirts) in the covered wagon located in the educational foyer or the box located at the front of the church.  The denim is used to make quilts which are given by the Altoona VIM Teams to those they are serving as a result of natural disasters, fires and  unexpected occurrences.   We ask for your help in gathering the necessary items for this worthy cause.  One of the beautifully completed quilts will also be on display for viewing.  The wagon and donation box will be placed in the church on Sunday, September 8th for your convenience. 

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